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[21/10/2020] Revision of shipping charges

I just realized that SingPost has another round of price revision which took effect on 15/10/2020 as stated on their website.

Local Postage:

Rate structures have been adjusted to "Basic" and "Tracked" and each will now have flat rates for items up to maximum 2kg. So do Poly M and SmartPac.

For items that CANT be fit into letterboxes, it will have to be mailed via Speedpost (doorstep delivery) which has a flat rate of $6 for up to 30kg.

I will also offer Ninja Van courier delivery for some items that can fit into the prepaid envelopes I have at home. Tracking is included as well.

International Post:

Seems they have adjusted the rate structures and weight-steps across all 3 shipping zones. Weights in 4 tiers now only (250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg) and a standard price for each tier.

For more information, visit the SingPost link above.


I did not realize the changes were made as I have not been to the post office recently until today and now looking at the website.

Updated the shipping charges according to the website which will go into effect from 21/10/2020 onwards. All orders received prior to the revision, I will absorb the increase postage cost.

No idea how it will impact the actual shipping charges at the post office when I drop off the items but rest assured, I will refund excess shipping charges (if any).

Will keep everyone updated of any changes again.