Chinese New Year 2021

As we usher in the new Year of the Metal Ox on 12/01/21, from 1st Feb, over here on RainsCraftyBits there will be a sale to celebrate. As you all may/may not have known, I have mainly 2 platforms for retail.

1 at Etsy, the other here. Both platforms are different in system settings as to how sales are implemented so there will be some difference.


Storewide 10% - 15% sale including PDFs and handmade items which are rarely included in sales. As an extra bonus for local orders, free shipping is included at checkout automatically. No minimum value of purchase is needed.

  • Storewide 10%-15%
  • Automatic free shipping for local orders


Only free shipping is available to local orders. Upon checkout, key in coupon code: FSCNY2021

  • Free shipping for local orders
  • Key in coupon code: FSCNY2021

Sale period on both venues begin at midnight tonight (01/02/21) and ends at 23:59 on 14/02/21(GMT+8). 

For UK / New Zealand buyers, if there is something you like on this website but not able to purchase, please contact me. I will work out a custom listing on Etsy for you to purchase.

May the Year of the Metal Ox bring positivity, happiness, prosperity and hope to everyone of us. 

Take care and stay safe *cyber hug*

Signing off here~

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