[Updated] Christmas 2022

The store is back online!

I turned it off on 26/10 after receiving word from my aunt that she has tested positive for Covid. I was just being overly cautious to not leave the house unless absolutely necessary (e.g food and groceries).

Today, 01/11, was Day 7 for her and she's still positive but it seems our government regulations are that for the fully vaccinated, they can leave the house at Day 7 despite being positive as they are deemed not contagious.

So with that, she's returning to office the next day (02/11) => i'm turning my store back online.

Thankfully, she's feeling fine despite being left with a bad cough which seems to plague many who caught covid. My other aunt and I have so far been tested negative so all's well for now *yeah*.

Now that the shop is turned back on, i'm running an early Christmas Sale on all cross stitch kits (Bothy Threads, Xiu Craft and Create Handmade) for the month of November till year end, 31st December 2022 @23.59.

Also, from 1st December, selected stationery and craft supplies will be included into this Christmas Sale. So keep an eye out in December if you are intending to get some supplies.


With that, i'm ending this update. I wish everyone a good Christmas (even if you are not celebrating like me in reality) and also ending 2022 and beginning 2023 on a safe, healthy note.

Take care 💕

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