Update 19/03/21: I may not sell to the UK/AUS/NZ/NORWAY (due to tax issues) here but I do over on Etsy. If there is anything you like, contact me and I'll work that out on Etsy. Global shipping delay with longer transit periods is expected. Check out "Latest Updates, Refund & Shipping Policies". If you have further questions, drop me a message via the contact form.

I am sorry to potential Australian buyers...

Was at the post office this morning and had a brief chat with the staff about delays in Australia and few other places.

Being told that registered mails are being sent to Melbourne first before they were sorted from there. Recently, 8th July they were on a lockdown and will last for 6 weeks. It is unfortunate that I will be turning off orders to Australia for the time being until the situation there eases.

Also shedding some light into the process of despatching mails overseas. Apparently the mails are despatched as tag-a-long when there are passenger flights coming in on a batch by batch basis hence the slightly delay in processing.

Hopefully the situation worldwide improves and the process becomes more fluid. Just sharing some additional information I have gotten.