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Important Updates for April 2020

In view of the pandemic situation and the enhanced tightening control from 07/04/2020 (lasting 30 days till 05/05/2020) in Singapore, there will be significant delays in shipping/delivery processing time.

Post office is open. While I can still leave the house (till 06/04/2020) to post but due to reduced air fright services globally, I anticipated that it will take much longer for items to arrive.

Also, I will be staying in at home to help curb the spread of the covid-19 virus and as such, orders received after 06/04/2020 will be shipped from 05/05/2020 onwards.

Please keep that in mind before ordering. If you decide to go ahead, consider shipping upgrade which comes with a tracking number. When the situation improves, backlog of deliveries may still cause delays in your country as it recovers.

Standard shipping does not include tracking. Shipping insurance is also not available due to the high charges involved. As such, lost mails are non refundable.

Options available:

1. I will ship as soon as I can. If there are any delays (further extension of the control measures), I will notify you immediately.

2. If you prefer to purchase first to lock in the items and for me to ship at a later date to your convenience, I will do so but I cannot guarantee the exact time period that you will receive the items.

3. There will be a 24hr period for you, the buyer to cancel any order. Order cancellations (by the buyer, or when in any circumstances I cannot fulfill the order) will be refunded in full so long as the order is not shipped out yet.

Thank you all for reading. Please take care of yourself. Wash your hands, don't touch your face and observe social distancing. Stay home and follow your country's health advisories.