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Regarding change to UK VAT in 2021

I have been doing a fair bit of reading on this and even tried to registered for VAT on HMRC website. I got to as far as having a government gateway user ID. No idea how I ended up with 2 different IDs but that's not the point.

Lets just say I got really confused and had a hard time understanding what is need from me and I did not complete the process. I cannot foresee myself registering for VAT in this state.

So, I have decided to stop selling to the UK on this website. INSTEAD, I will reopen sales to the UK on my Etsy store (which is currently turn off since start of the pandemic)

Gorjuss kits will however remain on this site since I took them off Etsy in the first place.

For now, UK buyers can still shop on this website but it will not be made available once it hits 01/01/2021 in Singapore.