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Regarding needle minders & fridge magnets

Was at the post office this morning and had my parcel rejected after I declared magnets were included in the box. I had sent needle minders before so needless to say I was really surprised now that I couldn't. 

Singpost now, does not accept parcels with magnets in them no matter how small or how carefully it was wrapped. I was told if the scanner picks up magnets, it will be returned back to sender. This however, does not apply to local orders. Local orders are OK.

This regulation actually went into effect a few weeks ago, or so I was told.

So, just a heads up, magnetic items in stores for e.g. needle minders and fridge magnets will no longer be available for international orders. I have turned off the shipping for it. If by system glitch, the order made through I will cancel and refund the item in full.