24/08/2020 Update: Shipment out of Singapore on transit for international orders will be substantially delayed. Opting for tracking services is recommended. It makes it easier if an official inquiry is needed later. Check out "Latest Updates, Refund & Shipping Policies" to know more.

Update: 14/06/2020

I have received an email from a UK buyer yesterday notifying me that she have received her order. Orders from the US and UK have slowly arrived one after another but for Australia's orders it has yet to leave Singapore.

Have contacted the post office and spoke with an agent but the answer I have gotten was due to no available transport at the moment and was advised to continue waiting for the update once there's transport available.

Also, it seems to be me that there will be significant delays to Australia given what I have read on their national post website.

Australian Post. Coronavirus: International Updates

also update on the Singapore Post

Stay safe, take care everyone.