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Updates regarding orders to Australia

Update at 9.28pm: Tracking for both outstanding Australia orders have been marked despatched. It has finally began flying out of Singapore. Woohoo~~~~ that is about 15 days delay from the first order!



I was informed by a potential customer from Australia who has been receiving parcels from US/UK which means Australia is accepting International mails but I do not understand why there is no movement from Singapore. Other than waiting for available transport which seems quite out of the norm judging there are cargo flights going towards Australia.

So, I have contacted the Australian embassy here in Singapore to seek some answers if there was any restriction of mails coming from Singapore.

This is their reply.

If thats the case based on past orders mailed out since 1st June, Singpost is not declining accepting mails/parcels for Australia but it will be held up indefinitely until transport is available. 

I will turn back on the settings for Australia but before ordering, please consider carefully if you are able to wait for the order. I cannot give you a definite date for Singpost to actually despatch out to Australia.

Thank you for your understanding.