Update on 12/08: The Gov. has eased some restrictions for those who were fully vaccinated from 10/08. As such, shipping times will be back to normal on the 14/08.

Why 14/08?

I took my 2nd jab on the 01/08. Since it takes 14days for the vaccine to work, my status "Vaccinated" will only take effect from 14/08.

Although technically speaking, I can still go to the PO during this Heightened Alert phase, I think it will be best to be extra cautious to stay home as much as possible.


Its just slightly a month ago since I last posted that shipping was back to normal.

Due to the recent rise in community cases, our government has just decided to put us back to Phase 2 Heightened Alert from 22/07/21 to 18/08/21.

Its disappointing no doubt, due to the actions of a few which resulted in the recent outbreak. Just feel pretty helpless in face of an invisible enemy.
What I can do as a citizen, is to get vaccinated (2nd jab on 1st Aug), mask up, keep to social distancing and stay home as much as possible 😔. As what i've done previously, I will be limiting my visit to the post office to every Monday only.
However, if I have to run errands outside and its along the path of the post office, I will do the mailing too. Sorry for the inconvenience and delays resulting from this.
Will keep everyone posted if there's any further developments.
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