Shipping policy

    Updated Shipping Notice: 07/11/2022

    1. Local Tracked Shipping's pricing has been reduced from $3.00 to $1.95. Price have been updated on site but in case its not reflected, excess postage will be refunded back to you.
    2. With strict border controls and restrictions on international travel, airlines have drastically reduced international services between Singapore and all international destinations. As a result, international air freight capacity and frequency has been severely limited, leading to substantial delays for all international inbound and outbound shipments.
    1. Orders are usually shipped within 1-3 business days after it is received.

    2. Majority of the items will be mailed in kraft bubble mailers. Sticker orders will be mailed with additional cardboard backing to reduce the possibility of damage during transit.

    3. Magnetic items are no longer available for international orders as Singpost no longer accepts such mail no matter how small or carefully it was wrapped. Local orders however are not affect.

    4. Magnetic items may have an extra layer of foam wrap to reduce the magnetic strength that may cause problems while processing through the postal system. Smaller size needle minders may also be encase in a screw lid container.

    5. Packing slips/Invoices are not included in your order to reduce the use of paper in an effort to support a more eco-friendly environment (unless required by the postal service).

    6. Some packing materials I used can be and/or are recycled:

    Clean boxes from home, kraft paper box, cardboard, shredded paper (colored paper using shredder machine), inflated cushioning (reused from frequent shopping online), paper bags, jute strings and ribbons.

    7. Most orders are shipped via SingPost. There are a few profiles you might see during checkout.
    * Standard (for local orders):
    Standard shipping does not include tracking or insurance. It is the basic form of shipping service available.

    * Plus Tracking:
    Also known as registered shipping. It does not include insurance but it includes a tracking number which is trackable via Singpost’s website. All international orders are automatically under this option w.e.f 22/09/2020.
    * SpeedPost (for local orders):
    For items that are too large to fit into the letterboxes, it is mandatory to go by SingPost's SpeedPost which is a door step delivery service and comes with a tracking number that can be tracked via SingPost website. 

    * Ninja Van (private courier for local orders):
    This is another alternative to using SpeedPost for items that could not fit into the letterbox. It is a door step delivery service and comes with a tracking number that can be tracked via Ninja Van's website.

    8. Any postage overages will be refunded.

    9. Unfortunately, I do not offer shipping insurance because the cost is too expensive (S$70.00 and above). If you insist on purchasing insurance, kindly contact me via email with your order.

    10. On this website, I ship to most countries except to the USA/UK/AUS/NZ/NORWAY (due to tax issues), countries in the EU and countries whose mail delivery service has been suspended. Prices ARE NOT INCLUSIVE of any taxes which may be applicable in your area. You might be required to pay for additional fees when it arrives. For USA/UK/AUS/NZ/NORWAY customers, it is business as usual over at Etsy.

    11. Due to the on-going COVID-19 situation, all small items with tracking service will be delivered to the letterbox. Please check your letterbox if your item status reflects delivered. International shipments will be substantially delayed due to global border closures.